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Free your Mind, Free your Body, Free your Soul!


Are you ready to explore the wonderful world of pleasure  sensuality and sexuality? 

Are you ready to have a consenting, confident, satisfying sex life, in the absence of sexual dysfunction, guilt and shame.?


Well, that's exactly what my work is all about! I focus on the role your mind plays in enhancing or depleting your arousal, pleasure, orgasmic experiences and sexual function,


You know what they say - our thoughts can be our own worst enemies! Negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and incorrect education can really put a damper on our libido and prevent us from fully enjoying sex. But don't worry, with Sexual Freedom Hypnosis we can change that!

By unlocking those pesky thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back, you can learn to give yourself permission to experience and embody your pleasure in the absence of guilt or shame.

Did you know that your mental health and sexual wellness are deeply connected? That's right - taking care of your sexual wellness is an essential part of overall wellness.  And that's why I take a holistic approach that combines mind, body, and senses.

My goal is to educate and guide you towards awakening to the joys, vibrancy, and freedom that comes from embracing your sensuality and sexuality.

So if you're feeling disconnected from your desires and your ability to feel pleasure, if your sexual confidence is non existent let's chat about your sexual wellness and how we can work together to help you fully embrace your sexual freedom!

Sunlight Portrait

On your Sexual Freedom Journey you will...

Gain knowledge and be able to share that knowledge.

Change your mindset and open up to the wondrous possibilities of the future. 

Release any guilt and shame holding you back from living a joyous vibrant and sexually satisfying life!

Feed your own desire and life-force by embracing your sensuality and sexuality.

Gain a greater understanding of consent and setting good boundaries.

Understand your preferences and listen to your “yes’s and no’s”.

Connect to your sensuality using all of your senses.

Begin to experience the world from a new, more connected, present and more delicious place so that your experiences are juicy and fulfilling.

Reclaim and connect to your sexuality, embracing your sexual pleasure, understanding that is much more than just having an orgasm.

Let go of habits, negative thinking and outdated programs that are no longer serving your highest good.

Unleash your sexual freedom by unlocking those thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing the pleasure you deserve.

Because we have subconscious programs running for every aspect of life, hypnotherapy can help with a wide variety

 of issues from sexual issues, losing weight, improving performance, reducing anxiety and quitting habits. 

When you are in this deeply relaxed state, your subconscious mind can access information and accept positive suggestions for behavioural change and the control of overthinking, outdated programs, stress and unhelpful thought patterns.

Here are a few areas that I specialize in, which respond really well to hypnosis:

Weight Loss

Weight Management

Body Beautiful

Hey Beautiful People,

Did you know that taking care of your body can help spice up your sex life? Yes, it's true! Being overweight or underweight can put a damper on your sexual drive and function, but fear not! There are plenty of ways to take control and improve your overall health.

If you're carrying some extra pounds, keep in mind that being overweight can lead to health issues that affect sexual function. Plus, it can make you feel less confident and sexy. On the flip side, being underweight can lead to hormonal imbalances and feeling tired and weak, which can also impact your sexual performance.

But don't worry, you've got this! Making healthy lifestyle changes like eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and trying out hypnosis can help you shed those extra pounds and improve your overall health. And with better health often comes better sexual function, if you catch my drift!

It's important to remember that emotional and psychological factors like stress and anxiety can also affect your sex life. Taking time to address these issues through therapy or relaxation techniques can have a positive impact as well.

When it comes to losing or gaining weight, there's more to it than just diet and exercise. Mindset is also key! That's why our weight management program with hypnosis covers a range of areas like beliefs, habits, cravings and sleep to help you achieve long-lasting and sustainable results. And the best part? You can enjoy that piece of chocolate or biscuit guilt-free!

So, let's get that body and mind in check, and you'll be on your way to a healthier and more satisfying sex life in no time!



Female sexual issues

Embrace your Sexuality

Hey Ladies

Let's chat about something exciting - GREAT SEX!

Although sexual issues affect both men and women, the conversation around them can be quite different. There are so many myths and misconceptions out there about women's sexuality, like the idea that women don't really want sex or that they're not supposed to enjoy it.. or the idea that men are always more sexual than women or that women lose interest in sex as they age But that's simply not true!  And don’t get me started on slut-shaming! Women should never be judged for their sexual experiences or preferences.


It's time for women to embrace their sensuality, their sexuality and experience pleasure to the fullest.

We have been conditioned to fear sex, but it's important to remember that our bodies are indeed designed for pleasure.

Did you know that the clitoris is the only organ in the human body that is solely for pleasure? isn’t that Magnificent!

It’s time to educate ourselves properly about our bodies and what we need to enjoy sex.

Unfortunately, many women grow up with negative messages about sex that can lead to fear, shame, and even sexual dysfunction. But it doesn't have to be that way! It's time for things to change!

With the help of sexual freedom hypnosis, women can shed those negative messages and embrace their sensual and sexual energy and give themselves permission for pleasure!


So, ladies, let's break down those sexual barriers and start exploring our sensual side. Don't let fear or shame hold you back from experiencing great sex. With the right mindset and knowledge, great sex could be easier than you think!

Its time to start talking openly about sex and pleasure, and let's help women everywhere experience the amazing sexual satisfaction they deserve!

Some common Female Sexual Issues or concerns that I work with 

Low Libido

Worry about ability to climax 

Body Image 

Pain during sex

Sexual Confidence

Boundary setting and consent 

Finding your sensuality and sexuality after divorce

Permission for Pleasure

Exploring sensuality and sexuality as a spiritual practice 

"Being in our bodies is not about performance or results. It’s about coming home. It's a pleasurable, sensual connection that reminds us that life is worth living even when we are in pain or struggling. If we want to be able to connect better with our bodies, we must invite ourselves to explore different experiences around our senses, and around our sensuality. Befriending our bodies and making peace with them is the beginning of one of the best relationships we can ever have: the relationship with ourselves. " Ester Perel 


Male Sexual Issues 

Time to let it go.

Hey Gents!

Did you know that great sex starts in the mind?

That's right! We all know that guys are often seen as ready to go at the drop of a hat, but just like women, they are way more complicated than that. A lot of things can impact a guy's sex life, things like connection, body confidence, sexual confidence, past experiences, past abuse, stress, performance anxiety, shame, and guilt can all have an impact on your sexual function. Now, we know that most guys want to be able to please their partner in the bedroom, but when the focus is all on erections and penetration, the pressure to perform can be overwhelming. When all you're thinking about is "will I be able to get hard? Will I stay hard? What if I finish too soon?" it can really take away from the pleasure and fun of sex.


But don't worry, sexual freedom hypnosis can help you shed that anxiety and negative self-talk, and let go of any shame or guilt you might be carrying around and start to take control of their sexual energy and performance.

It's all about reconnecting your mind and body in a positive way so that you can take control of your sexual energy, erections, and orgasms. Trust us, every amazing sexual experience starts in the mind.

  So don't let these issues hold you back – take control of your sexuality and experience the pleasure and satisfaction you deserve!

Some common Male Sexual issues or concerns that i work with:

Performance Anxiety

Sexual Confidence and mojo

Stress response keeping you down 

Managing rapid ejaculation 

Low Libido

Porn obsession 

The great thing about this protocol is that we can do that work in a safe manner. it is not necessary to go digging through the experiences themselves 


So it's a really fast, effective transformative way to allow yourself to let go of what's holding you back and move forward into the future with confidence and peace.


Mind - Body - Movement

Free your Body, Free your Mind, Free your Soul

Hey there!

Did you know that spirituality and sexuality are intimately connected? Yep, that's right. 

In many spiritual traditions, sexuality is seen as a powerful force that can help us connect with our spiritual selves in a much deeper way.


Our Sexual energy and vital life force energy are like two peas in a pod!. Life force energy is the energy that keeps us alive and thriving and is considered the energy that animates and sustains all living beings, while sexual energy is a powerful force associated with creativity, passion, and vitality.

Both sexual energy and life force energy are believed to flow through the body's energy channels or chakras, any blockages or imbalances in these channels can lead to physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual imbalances.

Practices like tantra, yoga, and breath-work all offer techniques for channeling and balancing these energies to promote health, happiness, and spiritual growth.

Ultimately, by cultivating a healthy and balanced relationship between sexual energy and vital life force energy, you can experience a greater sense of aliveness, creativity, and joy in your life.

When we learn to harness and cultivate our sexual energy and embrace our sexuality in a conscious and mindful way, we can tap into deeper levels of spiritual awareness and connection, allowing us to experience a greater sense of unity, wholeness and vitality.


So, whether you're exploring your desires with a partner or indulging in some self-love, remember that your sexuality can be a beautiful and transformative aspect of your spiritual journey.

So go ahead and let your sexy, spiritual side shine

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